Difficulties scoring in Physics?

Students come to the classroom with their own set of ideas and concepts which are constructed based on their own personal experience of the natural world. Some of these conceptions are in conflict with the agreed view of practising scientists. These “alternative conceptions” if not addressed pose as impediments to students’ grasp of physics, resulting in mediocre grades.


My teaching philosophy?

My teaching focuses on concept understanding by targeting specific classes of alternative conceptions identified by researchers. Once the students understand the fundamental concepts, they will approach physics with greater confidence, more likely to love the subject and hence perform well in examinations.


What will students be provided?

(i) Comprehensive set of notes for each topic (ii) Worksheets to be completed at home to serve as feedback (iii) Revision Packages which include: (a) concise and relevant information pertaining to each topic (b) revision questions for each topic to help the students crystalize the concepts required to understand each topic (iv) One page summary of all the formulas required for the examination. (v) A set of a minimum of 50 multiple choice questions for each topic to serve as effective assessment of the student’s understanding. These multiple choice questions cover a wide range of concepts which result in a more comprehensive evaluation of the student’s extent of understanding.


What do I do during the class?

Important concepts for each topic will be highlighted. In addition to the traditional chalk and talk, I employ interactive methods, such as real-time demonstrations, hands-on-activities, computer simulations, applets, etc. Research has shown that these activities improve understanding of more complex concepts significantly.