My name is Monica Loh Lee Choon. I pursued my undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore on a Public Service Commision Merit Teaching Bursary. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. This was followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the Institute of Education. Subsequent to that, I taught Physics, Mathematics and Science at Shuqun Secondary School.


I left Singapore to pursue a Masters degree in Physics and Physics Education at Reading University in the United Kingdom.I was the top student in my cohort and I was awarded a Masters of Science Degree with Distinction. My Masters degree has given me greater insight into common alternative conceptions in the understanding of Physics amongst secondary and Junior College students.I have applied this knowledge successfully in the development of suitable demonstrations to help my students clear up areas of doubt.


Upon my return to Singapore, the Ministry of Education posted me to Hwa Chong Junior College (now known as Hwa Chong Institution) where I taught Physics to Junior college 1 and 2 students. During that time, I also published an educational article in the “Physics Update Publication.”




During the 25 years teaching both in Junior College / Secondary Schools and in private capacity, I kept up closely with changes in the Physics syllabus, constantly highlighting to my students the latest assessment objectives for both theory and practical assessments. Students who seek my help range from different academic abilities, from those who constantly fail physics, to those who are already doing well in school but need the extra “oomp” to ensure an “A” grade in their ‘O’/’A’ levels. These students have improved tremendously under my guidance, progressing to higher institutions of learning, pursuing the courses of their choice. This, in my opinion, is the ultimate satisfaction for both my students and myself.